The Story

After over 5 years of working on dedicated LOB applications. Some things bothered me.

There was always something the business customer wanted in the systems which due to the architecture of the systems was too costly in development time.

Being a developer I noticed that plenty of functionalities on different business entities contained repetitive algorithms that had to be implemented, causing unneeded development costs.

So I started a side project to check, if a LOB application can be designed in such way. That with minimal development time, even a single developer can implement various business requirements. That’s how a7 e-business platform was created.

Core values    Out of the box

The Goal making line of business application development as easy as possible, with focus on:

User Interface

The UI should be clean and with known patterns.


Data and ease of access to it is the core of every LOB app.


Adding dedicated functionality, customizing existing functionality.

The way to make the platform is by focusing on: